Instructions For Authors


Authors must submit the manuscript file to the Editorial Office of the Korea Robotics Society using the online submission system at Other correspondences can be e-mailed to Korea Robotics Society, #504, The Korea Science and Technology Center, 635-4, Yeogsam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea. (Tel +82-2-783-0306, Fax +82-2-783-0307, Email: We do not accept direct email submission to the Editor-in-Chief or Editors. Incomplete manuscripts will be returned to the author without review.

 Manuscripts submitted to the journal must present reports of original research, paper title, abstracts, authors' information, keywords, tables, figures, and references. Especially, a paper title, abstract, authors' information (e.g., name, affiliation, and email address), keywords, tables, figures, and references must be written in English. Manuscripts are accepted for review under the condition that important part of the study has not been published elsewhere.

 Two types of manuscripts are considered in this journal: Regular papers and Short papers.
- Regular Papers: Presentation of significant research and development results.
- Short Papers: Brief technical notes or practical implementation issues especially in industrial applications, and reporting timely developments of initiatives, new or creative ideas.

2. Research Publication Ethics

The Korea Robotics Society serves the robotics profession and society in Korea at large in many ways, among them by publishing journals which present the results of current scientific and engineering research and practice. The service inevitably bears the responsibility of editors, authors, and reviewers to maintain high ethical standards relating to the submittal, review, and publication of manuscripts. Persons engaged in the publication, specifically, for editors, authors, and manuscript reviewers must abide by the ethical guidelines at and institutional, national, and international guidelines. For policies on research and publication ethics that are not stated in these instructions, "Guidelines on Good Publication Practice (" can be applied.


Once manuscripts are submitted, they will be reviewed by three or more experts in the corresponding field. The Editorial Board may request that authors revise the manuscripts in light of the reviewers' suggestions. The authors should upload the revised files with a reply to each item in the reviewers' comments after revision of the manuscript. The manuscript review process should be completed until the Editorial Board makes a final decision on the approval for publication. Details on the review process is described in


The Korean Robotics Society requires a corresponding author to sign a copyright transfer agreement on behalf of all the authors for the maintenance and protection of the Society's ownership and rights as well as for the protection of the original authors from misappropriation of their work. If this agreement is not carried out, the Korea Robotics Society will not publish the manuscript. This agreement is sent with the proofs to the corresponding author.


Manuscripts accepted for publication in the Journal of Korea Robotics Society will be charged a base fee of KRW 30,000 (KRW 60,000 for an urgent paper) per page up to 6pages. An additional charge of KRW 50,000 (KRW 80,000 for an urgent paper) per page will be added to this. Charges may be changed without notice by the board according to the circumstances of the society.


All references cited in the text mush appear in the References section, and all items in this section should be cited in the text in English. References should be listed in order of citation in the text. The examples is as below:

Basic format for books:
[1]A. B. Authors, “Title of chapter,” in Title of book, xth ed. Publisher, year, ch. x, sec. x, pp. xxx-xxx.
[2]A. B. authors, year, month, day, Title (edition) [Online]. Available:

Basic format for Journals:
[1]A. B. Authors, “Title of paper,” Title of Journals, vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx-xxx, month, year.
[2]A. B. Authors, “Title of paper,” Title of Journals, [Online], vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx-xxx, DOI. Available:

Basic format for reports
[1]A. B. Authors, “Title of report,” Title of Affiliation, City of Affiliation, Country of Affiliation, Rep. xxx, month, year.
[2]A. B. Authors, “Title of report,” Title of Affiliation, City of Affiliation, Country of Affiliation, [Online],

Basic format for handbook
[1]Name of Handbook, x ed., Name of Company, City of Company, Country of Company, year, pp. xxx-xxx.
[2]Name of Handbook, x ed., Name of Company, City of Company, Country of Company, [Online], http//

Basic format for conference proceedings
[1]A. B. Authors, “Title of paper,” in name of conference, City, Country, pp. xxx-xxx, year.

Basic format for patents
[1]A. B. Authors, “Title of patent,” Country Patent x-xxx-xxx, month, day, year.

Basic format for theses and dissertations
[1]A. B. authors, “Title of thesis,” M.S thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, affiliation, city of affiliation, country of affiliation, year.

Basic format for standards
[1]Title of Standard, Standard number, date.

Basic format for webpages
[1]A. B. authors, Title of webpages, [Online], http://hyperlink, Accessed: date
[2]Journal of Korea Robot Society, Instructions for Authors, [Online],, Accessed:December 20, 2016

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