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ISSN : 1975-6291(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3961(Online)
Journal of Korea Robotics Society Vol.12 No.1 pp.1-10

SPO based Reaction Force Estimation and Force Reflection Bilateral Control of Cylinder for Tele-Dismantling

Keum-Gang Cha,Sung Min Yoon,Min Cheol Lee


For dismantling heavy structure under special environment in radioactivity, there are many problems which should be tele-operated and feedback a cutting force for cutting a thick structure such as concrete. When operator dismantles a thick heavy concrete structure, it is in sufficient to judge whether robot is contacting or not with environment by using only vision information. To overcome this problem, force feedback and impedance model based bilateral control are introduced. The sliding mode control with sliding perturbation observer (SMCSPO) based bilateral control is applied and surveyed to a single rod hydraulic cylinder in this paper. The sliding mode control is used for robustness against a disturbance. The sliding perturbation observer is used for estimation of a reaction force such as cutting force. The bilateral control is executed using the information of reaction force estimated by SMCSPO. The contribution of this paper is that the estimation method and bilateral control of the single rod hydraulic cylinder are introduced and discussed by experiment.

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